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RS4 4x10 Frames

90 degree corner sections

Vertical bumpers

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Vertical Boat Lift

1200-7000 pound capacity

ShoreMaster's Vertical Lift is designed to work in shallow, deep or fluctuating water conditions.  ShoreMaster's all-aluminum welded construction provides a lightweight, maintenance-free lift for greater strength and durability.  The double V-Side design allows for easy access to both sides of your boat.  These lifts provide safe, secure mooring with virtually maintenance-free operation.  One thousand to seven thousand pound capacity



Cantilever Boat Lift

1200-5000 pound capacity

ShoreMaster's Cantilever Lifts are ideal for most glacial lake areas in the United States and Canada.  These lifts perform well in non-fluctuating water, water over 2.5' in depth, and calmer (lower wake) water.  Their simple, trouble-free design (one cable and three pulleys) provides years of maintenance-free boat moorage.


Hydraulic Lift

2000-12000 pound capacity

ShoreMaster's Hydraulic Lift represent the most advanced boat lift technology available.  Their quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds.  With the standard key chain remote, it's as simple as pressing a button.  The hydraulic cylinders are filled with an environmentally-friendly fluid to protect your marine area.  An optional solar panel helps maintain your battery life for consistent, trouble free operation every time.


Infinity RS4 Pier

The Infinity RS4 Standing Dock from ShoreMaster fits your unique style to a "T", or an "L", or however you want to configure your dock.  With the RS4, you just imagine the ways that you want to use your dock, then configure it! If your style changes and you want to re-arrange your entire dock system, not a problem, you can change as you go.  The Infinity RS4's lightweight aluminum construction means it looks fantastic and it's easy to install, alter, and remove

We carry angled and curved sections, pier furniture, ladders for customization 

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