Shore Master boat lifts and pier systems in stock!

1964 Century Coronado For Sale!

2017 Close out items:

RS4 4x10 Frames

90 degree corner sections

Vertical bumpers

Call for pricing (847) 395-2217

1964 Century Coronado For Sale!


1200 Pound personal watercraft lift.


 4000,5000, 6000, and 7000 pound lifts.----Call for pricing----847-395-2217



RS4   4' x 10' pier system. with Cedar or Tan alum decking. Calling for pricing----847-395-2217

Used one summer 64 -  6'x2' White painted Shore Master alum panel. List price 139.00 Your cost 70.00 per panel.

 Will fit Shore Master  RS 4 RS 7 TS 9 & TSF 9 Dock frames.  847-395-2217


 Call for pricing----Ask for Frank








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